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Cili Sleep Spray

Lack of sleep turns our world upside down and leads to exhaustion and many other health issues. Flat out, a good nights sleep is profoundly important. Did you know that certain adaptogens regulate the level of cortisol reducing stress? Cortisol normally obeys the body’s inner clock. It synchronizes patterns of sleeping.

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CILI BY DESIGN products have been synergistically formulated with a 50/50 blend of CBD and CBG, which can be beneficial in the following ways;

Analgesic effects: CBD and CBG while acting singly can interact with the musculoskeletal system to reduce the stress on the muscles and joints, reduce the expression of inflammation and other disease conditions leading to chronic pain and arthritis in the body. A combination of CBD/CBG can boost the activity by giving more.

Antibacterial effect: CBG has a strong ability to limit the growth and proliferation of bacterial cells, and this can improve the activity of CBD in restricting the growth of these cells.

Antidepressant: phytocannabinoids such as CBD and CBG can interact with the ECS and trigger the production of feel-good hormones which raises mood, improves the level of relaxation and can arrest depression.

Antioxidant effect: endocannabinoids can reduce the harmful effects of free radicals and toxins in the body thus keeping the body at physiological levels.

Anti-inflammatory effect: they improve the ability of CBD to improve immunity and arrest cases of inflammation and all other disease conditions associated with it.

What is CBD Oil?
You thought you knew what CBD oil is all about? Well we just took it to a whole new level. Yesssss the healing properties of CBD Hemp oil are tremendous and in so many ways. Powerful. We are about to “Change the way you See & Think about CBD Oil”. We are the Change-Makers & shifting the mindset in the space of DESIGNING health & wellness. Simply pushing innovation in a modern, unexpected way. The Future of Nutrition is NOW. Take a close look at how our Aquaceutical technology allows you to take CBD & nutrition efficiently to Bio Optimize the delivery. The evidence speaks for itself. Not to mention how healthy it makes you feel.

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